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5 Burning Questions Answered

We are an athletic performance center that utilizes the latest sport-science & technology to optimally train the physical & cognitive ability of Athletes of all ages.

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We are located at:

111 Prospect Ridge, FLOOR 2, Ridgefield, CT 06877

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Athletes have realized that when competing at the highest level, the difference between winning and losing is often measured in milliseconds. We recognize that that gap can be closed or even overcome by improving our cognitive ability while we develop our physical strength and coordination. As we say at AIQ: Train the Body – Harness the MIND!

Our AIQ Training Platform is built on a foundation of balance, symmetry, cognitive speed and physical strength. All of our athletes must meet specific, objective bench-marks in order to move from one class to another. Each class trains physical and cognitive abilities using technology as both the test and the assessment.


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