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About Us

At the ATHLETIC IQ LAB we believe that in addition to speed and strength, an athlete’s ability to respond to a stimulus, quickly and correctly is the single most important factor in athletic success. 

We have developed a foundational training approach that puts those three principles into effect.  Helping athletes develop into the best versions of themselves.

What We Do

How We Do It

We don’t simply use technology, we leverage it. We leverage technology in our assessment process to give us an objective baseline to start and measure our work.

Like any field, technology has been on the forefront of athletic development and human performance. The technology we are using in the AIQ Lab is the same exact technology being used by Professional and Olympic teams. This technology allows us to gain a deeper insight into an athlete’s physical and cognitive performance and allows us to adapt and improve our training practices using the data it provides. We don’t just assess speed and agility; we evaluate each athlete’s symmetry and efficiency. A balanced, efficient athlete will not only perform better, but they are also much less prone to injury.

Every athlete that joins our program come with a different athletic & cognitive profile and baseline. The athlete’s age, maturity level, physical and cognitive strength, and future goals are all a part of the evaluation process. Whether the athlete is currently looking for in-season, off-season or pre-season training, we offer a program that will work WITH the athletes current physical and mental demands to support the athlete’s growth.

It’s not just better training, it’s SMARTER training.

Who We Train

We work with athletes of all ages in all sports. If you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, we can help. 

For some athletes, the fastest route to improved performance lies in the development of their physical abilities. For others, their cognitive ability is holding them back from being able to think and react at GAMESPEED. For most, it is a combination of the two that pushes them to the next level of performance. Fortunately, our assessment process will quickly indicate the “weakest link” in the human performance chain and allow us to focus on the area or areas that need the most development.

Our athletes gain peace of mind knowing they are working hard to improve specific, performance-related abilities using objective data as their barometer.

How We Start

The first step to joining AIQ is to sign up to the site. This will give you access to your portal where we can manage you and family from one secure location.  Inside the portal you’ll be able to purchase plans and memberships, sign up for classes and events and track all your appointments and scheduling.

Second step is determining what type of training you or your athlete need:

AIQ CORE training classes are foundational training classes that best prepare an athlete to be GAME SPEED ready. AIQ PERFORM is our individualized coaching and training platform that works directly with athletes to help them reach their full athletic potential in their sport or physical activity. Just want to get assessed and define your athletic baseline?  Get a GAME SPEED ASSESSMENT with our performance staff and see where you are today with our objective- functional assessment program. Call us for questions on what program and plans are right for you or your athlete. Individualized packages available upon request.

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