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Train the Body,
Harness the Mind

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We achieve objective results by using sports science, technology & data in everything we do. Whether you’re looking to improve your athletic skills on the field, or improve your athleticism in everyday life, we have the programming to achieve your goals, both physically and cognitively. 

Performance Lab


A series of comprehensive evaluations that utilize state-of-the-art technology to objectively measure cognitive skills, speed of processing, athletic performance, and on-field talent!

Group + Sports Specific Classes

Foundational training classes that best prepare an athlete to be sport ready. Athletes in our classes utilize our technology and programming as a way to regularly measure and compete against the prior version of themselves.

the perform Program

A combination of individual in-person, and online training for people of any age looking to accomplish a specific goal in a sport or lifestyle-related physical activity. Our program is our baseline assessment used to expose asymmetries that could, and often do, lead to recurring injuries, and establish a baseline reference.

A Different kind of Rehabilitation

Our personalized approach is far removed from the traditional physical therapy status quo. We focus on what works. Individualized movements curated to the person with direct 1 on 1 guidance from Dr. Fernando Solis.