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Think, React & Move Faster

We achieve objective results by using sport science, technology & data in everything we do.
You will get better & we will prove it with our AIQ core classes.


Our assessments help measure an athletes functional movement, and cognitive baseline, to help train for GAMESPEED. By training for GAMESPEED, athletes can improve their ability to perform under pressure and in unpredictable game situations, which can ultimately improve their sports performance.

Group Classes

AIQ CORE3 training is three foundational training classes that best prepare an athlete to be GAMESPEED ready. Athletes in our CORE classes utilize AIQ EDGE as a way to regularly measure and compete against the prior version of themselves.

Individualized Classes

An individualized coaching and training platform designed to for athletes of all ages to help them reach their full athletic potential in their sport or physical activity. At the CORE of the PERFORM program is our philosophy of baseline assessment.

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A Different kind of Rehabilitation

Our personalized approach is far removed from the traditional physical therapy status quo. We focus on what works. Individualized movements curated to the person with direct 1 on 1 guidance from Dr. Fernando Solis.

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