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Sport Rehabilitation

Our team evaluates holistic factors that contribute to your condition like lifestyle, workplace and home environment, general health conditions, and your mindset. We aim to break everything down and get you back to what you love the most. We work to give you the knowledge and tools to sustain improvement as you make progress toward your long term goals, and helping you to achieve a healthy body for life.

Whatever your goals may be, you want to ensure that you are moving your body to adapt and get stronger, faster, explosive and build resiliency.

We're not your average physical therapy

Our personalized approach is far removed from the traditional physical therapy status quo.  In our facility, there are no hot packs, cold packs, there is no ultrasound, E-stim, or a cookie cutter approach as filler for treatment. We focus on what works. Individualized movements curated to the person with direct 1 on 1 guidance from Dr. Fernando Solis.

The types of chronic pain we can help with:



Discovery Interview – You will meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to help provide a clinical, biological, and psychosocial perspective. We want to get to know you as an individual, what you like to do, and what you want to do in the future. We want to identify any barriers or limitations preventing you from achieving your goals and will incorporate these into your plans


Interactive Movement Evaluation – We stress test functional movements and form to identify movement deficiencies/asymmetries and maximums while objectively testing strength, power, balance through the use of technology. This lets us determine the appropriate load amount, adjustment, and load increments to incorporate into your health and fitness plan. Education and understanding the “why” or the “root” cause is important to us.


Debrief and Next Steps – We discuss how you feel after the evaluations and what you think the next steps should be, discussing all options with you. Communication is paramount for us and the only way we can progress and regress specific movements to have you achieve your goals.


Fueled by his love for fitness, anatomy, and natural sciences, Fernando pursued a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University at Buffalo.Fernando’s experience in physical therapy encompasses working with all ages and backgrounds. He has treated athletes, individuals with chronic pain, degenerative discs/joints, joint replacements, and other orthopedic impairments. 

He recently became a Certified Performance Specialist in a comprehensive program designed for both rehab and fitness professionals, giving Fernando a complete system to help people restore, optimize, and enhance performance by assessing movement and building performance-based therapy and training programs.

Fernando has developed a unique and effective approach to rehabilitation that combines his passions for fitness and physical therapy. He strives to build meaningful relationships with his patients to foster growth and overall improvement in their quality of life.