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Athletic IQ Performance Lab

We offer group classes for young athletes to adults, sport specific programs with top area coaches, and a small group or one-one options to take your performance to the next level! 



A series of comprehensive evaluations that utilize state-of-the-art technology to objectively measure cognitive skills, speed of processing, athletic performance, and on-field talent!


Core Classes

AIQ Core Classes train you to become a better athlete, and focuses on the cognitive and physical abilities. Train to become faster, strong and react quicker. Once the baseline assessment has been established, the athlete can use our AIQ EDGE classes to measure against their prior selves or see how they measure up to their peers. 


Jumpstart and Launch programs

Introducing AIQ’s Jumpstart and Launch programs, designed to foster kids’ athletic development from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Jumpstart aimed at kindergarten to 3rd graders focuses on foundational movement skills through playful activities, nurturing coordination and confidence for a healthy lifestyle. Launch, aimed at 4th to 6th graders, refines techniques and deepens movement understanding, guiding athletes toward excellence in both sports and life. Join us in unleashing your child’s potential through Jumpstart and Launch!


Sports Specific programs

AIQ sports specific programs train you to become better at your chosen sport. Whether you’re a rotation sport (swinging a bat in baseball, swinging a racket in tennis) or a linear sport (running up the basketball court, or down the soccer field), or a combination of both (sliding the hockey puck to the goal), you’ll improve on the specific skills needed to perform at the highest level in your sport, while improving on your cognitive and physical abilities! When it’s time… you’ll be game ready!


The perform program

A combination of individual or small group in-person, and online training for people of any age looking to accomplish a specific goal in a sport or lifestyle-related physical activity. Our program is our baseline assessment used to expose asymmetries that could, and often do, lead to recurring injuries, and establish a baseline reference. Book your free discovery call to get your personalized program, just for you!


the best injury prevention is

Schedule your assessment to see how you can prevent future injury, and join our PRE-HAB program to get a head start!